Progress Tracker Combine 


On July 23, 2022, V360 & InspiringHK hosted the “Progress Tracker Combine” at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Guests were able to participate in a professional sports combine experience which featured the Progress Tracker’s AI technology. Top performers were able to win prizes provided by SOULnation, our event sponsor.

V360 also invited Tommy Nixon, captain of South China Athletic Association’s Men’s Basketball team, to demonstrate the assessments for the guests on the day and display the high skill level required to play basketball at a professional level.



30 Seconds 2-Ball Alternate Dribbling

This assessment required participants to dribble two basketballs simultaneously in an alternating rhythm for 30 seconds.



Free Throw

This assessment required the participants to shoot a total of 10 shots from the Free Throw line.




This assessment required the participants to run from sideline to sideline a total of 17 times. The general professional standard requires participants complete the assessment in 60 seconds or under.